An independent actuarial service provider

Conac is an independent actuarial service provider to pension funds and related organizations, based in Brussels, Belgium.  The people of Conac are the Belgian experts in the international network of independent actuarial service providers known as Abelica Global.   Conac is committed to delivering a better value to its clients through its innovative solutions, services, IT platform, applications and customized solutions.

The clients of Conac are corporate pension funds, multi-employer pension funds, sector-wide pension funds and Pan-European pension funds. Most of Conac’s clients are large, blue chip, multinational companies, with globally recognizable brands in their portfolios. Our independently certified administration systems manage over 400,000 employees among 70+ different pension schemes for them.

We are very proud of our people, approximately 45 employees who engage their wide-ranging talents every day for the benefit of our most important asset – our clients.

Conac successfully obtained  ISAE 3402/SOC1 Type II certification for its Business and IT processes in 2011. Since then each year the certification has been renewed.

Given the importance of GDPR, Conac also applied for a ISAE 3000/SOC2 certification relating to Privacy, Security, Availability, Processing Integrity and Confidentiality.

Company History

The common thread of our 25-plus year history has been our innovation in services and solutions for the benefit of our clients. 


Integrity – the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character.

Skill – the ability, coming from one’s knowledge, experience, practice, and aptitude to do something well.

Adaptability – the ability to adjust oneself readily to different circumstances.

Teamwork – the cooperative, coordinated effort of people acting together in the interests of a common cause.

Creativity – the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, and patterns in order to create meaningful, new ideas, forms, methods, or interpretations.

Conac - mission


Conac is dedicated to being a strong, reliable partner to its clients, providing excellent pension advice, pension services and pension solutions. Conac aims to inspire confidence, earn trust, and deliver the very best value compared with other pension service providers in Belgium and beyond.

Some of the reasons our clients choose to work with us:

  • Conac is a locally owned Belgian expert in pensions, having local, responsive, decision-making authority.
  • Conac has a proprietary, best-in-class technology platform, offering applications and solutions tailored for the Belgian market and beyond.
  • The processes and systems of Conac are independently certified.
  • Conac is the Belgian expert of the international network of independent actuarial service providers known as Abelica Global.
  • Most of Conac’s clients are large, blue chip, multinational companies having globally recognizable brands in their portfolios.

Our team

Conac is very proud of its approximately 45 employees who engage their wide-ranging talents every day for the benefit of its clients.

The people of Conac work in three areas and the percentage of our people within the departments underscores our ability to provide a balance of service to our clients:

  • Actuarial and Consulting Services (15% of employees)
  • Accounting and Administration (45% of employees)
  • Information Technology (30% of employees)
  • Support Services (10% of employees)

Abelica Global Network

Abelica Global is a leading international provider of financial consulting services relating to employee benefits, investments, insurance, and healthcare to a full spectrum of business and government clients.

The worldwide network of 1,500 employees is comprised of financially and legally independent actuarial and consulting firms – like Conac is for Belgium – represented in principal cities worldwide, including Brussels.   This independence and entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a depth of expertise and solid understanding of both local and international markets, enables Abelica Global firms to provide actuarial services of the highest quality to clients anywhere in the world.

While teamwork is the foundation of Abelica Global, our local knowledge and adaptability are the keys to our success. We take considerable pride in our ability to deliver creative, high-quality, tailored solutions for the global and local market places. We also feature certified, high-quality processes for a range of clients seeking the very best in actuarial and consulting services – whether it’s on a local, regional or global basis.

When you choose a firm within the Abelica Global Network like Conac, you are choosing partners who will work with you according to your particular circumstances, preferred practices and the environments in which you operate. Using considerable experience, common sense and in-depth knowledge of local markets, we will help you anticipate and respond to situations as they arise.


The clients of Conac are corporate employer pension funds, multi-employer pension funds, sector-specific pension funds and pan-European pension funds. 

Most of Conac’s clients are large, blue chip, multinational companies having globally recognizable brands in their portfolios.  Some interesting statistics about our client base include:

  • Conac provides services to 35% of all Bel-20 companies that do have a pension fund. 
  • Conac provides services to 25% of the Trends Top 50 number of employees in Belgium. 
  • Conac has 4 out of 10 Fortune Top 10 Turnover and Most Admired companies in its client portfolio.

Our commitment to client confidentiality prevents us from mentioning their names on our website, but should you need references about our services, we are happy to oblige.