Yvo Vermeylen

Yvo Vermeylen is Managing Partner of Conac and is a Board Member of Abelica Global, the largest international network of independent actuarial service providers. Yvo has worked in the pension sector since beginning his career in 1980, and he has advised pension funds and employers throughout that time. He has been a qualified Actuary for the Belgian regulator since this qualification was created in 1986. Yvo founded Conac in 1988.

As Conac’s leader, Yvo is involved in all aspects of design, financing and consulting advice related to pension schemes. He has particular expertise with first and second pillar pension plans and providing consulting advice during client mergers and acquisitions.

Yvo is member of the Institute of Actuaries in Belgium and a member of the BIBF-IPCF, the Belgian institute of accountants and tax experts. 

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